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The Financial Performance Management suite combines powerful, easy-to-use solutions for group consolidation and cash planning with highly effective tools for financial performance reporting and analysis – all from a single, trusted vendor and all sharing the same, single version of the truth.

These solutions easily cope with inputs from any number of ERP, finance and other business systems (including our Unit4 Business World On! and Unit4 Financials solutions) and enable you to quickly adapt to accommodate new organisational structures, additional source systems, compliance regimes or GAAP reporting requirements.

Key capabilities:

Input, reconciliation and control

Automated import from ERP systems.

Web services integration and smart mapping from Unit4 Business World or Unit4 Financials.

Powerful "calculated accounts" facility.

Customisable input templates for monthly, quarterly and yearly report packages.

Inbuilt process for matching, reconciliation and elimination of intercompany transactions.

Visual status reporting that ensures full process control.

Audit trail and reconciliation of reported data – including drill-down capabilities.


Pre-defined best-practise consolidation logic.

Automatic handling of eliminations and adjustments, currency conversions and minority.

Parallel consolidation flows, both local GAAP and IFRS.

Visual and user-friendly consolidation flow with pre-defined controls and reconciliations.

Reporting and analysis

Multi-dimensional and transparent legal and management reporting.

Clear and visual approach (eg traffic lights, spark-lines, Gauges for financial ratios, KPIs).

All financial reporting dimensions are pre-defined eg period types (monthly, YTD, Rolling), GAAP flow steps, Currencies, Versions (Actual, Budget, Forecast).

Cash flow statements.

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