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Unit4 Financials Systems Process and Strategy Review

Systems Review/Report

Not all Unit4 Financials clients make optimum use of the power of the software available. Millennium’s Unit4 Financials System Review/Audit is designed to help companies identify strategies that will enable them to improve performance and ensure they are getting the most out of their investment in Unit4 Financials.

The Millennium System Review/Audit is led by our Principal Consultant who will come in and review your current Unit4 Financials set-up and provide a report outlining detailed recommendations on how things can be improved – either via re-configuring the application or by changes in operational process towards “best practice” guidance.

The concluding pages of the report are broken down into three sections: Short term recommendations (Quick wins), Medium term and Long term.

How it works

We discuss a provisional itinerary with you and arrange a convenient date for our Principal Consultant to visit and review your Unit4 Financials systems and processes with key stakeholders from your Finance and IT teams.

The length of time required for a system review depends on the level of complexity and the Unit4 Financials modules in use but typically ranges from 2 days (1 on-site , 1 day write-up) to 4 days (2 days on-site, 2 days write-up) of chargeable work.

What is the Output of the Systems Review/Audit?

The output is a report with detailed recommendations which then can become a client’s “Unit4 Financials improvement roadmap” for the coming months and years ahead.

The recommendations are split into short, medium and long term improvements and cover the 3 key aspects of making your Unit4 Financials system a success - People, Process and Technology.

Note that there is no obligation for a client to proceed with all (or any of them) but going through this process and formally setting out this roadmap helps clients better understand how to best move things along to gain optimal performance from their finance system.

What if I just want to do an “As is “upgrade?

As well as highlighting operational improvements, the Millennium System Review also looks at the technical landscape and provides recommendations on which version of Unit4 Financials clients should upgrade to, giving guidance on when they should upgrade and outlining how to move forward with the upgrade.

Whilst some clients only wish to upgrade on an “As is” basis, (for compliance reasons for instance, in the event that the version of Unit4 Financials they use is going out of UNIT4 support) we often find that the System Review/Audit identifies some minor tweaks that either can be done or may need to be done during what is mainly an “As is” upgrade project. For instance, a functional change in a new release of Unit4 Financials may indicate (or force) a more advantageous operational/process change, or a minor re-configuration might be able to significantly improve how the system is used.

For these reasons we would recommend that clients still undertake a Millennium System Review/Audit even if the main thrust behind the project is a pure Technical Upgrade.

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The 4 day review will include:  

Day 1: Business Process Workshop followed by meetings with relevant stakeholders/users.

Day 2: System and processes review with the System Manager in line with Day 1 meetings.

Day 3: The Systems Review Report is produced which covers everything discussed and identified in Day 1 and Day 2 and provides solution options for each issue and short, medium and long term recommendations. This report is then distributed by email and hard copy.

Day 4: This normally takes place one or two weeks later, once all relevant parties have reviewed the report. This day typically consists of stakeholder meetings to run through the report in detail, answer questions, define strategy and compile a high level project plan.

The report provides options to improve software functionality, business processes, reporting, interfacing and enhance user knowledge. It also provides Millennium with the information needed to deliver support and provide project plans.